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    Swim Lessons & Swim Clinics

    Private stroke clinics, competitive swim lessons (stroke technique), and learn to swim lessons allow your children to benefit from one-on-one coaching for 30 minutes. 

    Private lessons are great for kids of all ages! Lessons provide children with positive one-on-one work with a coach. They can help children learn and/or improve stroke technique. Lessons also give a perfect opportunity for coaches to learn more about strengths and weaknesses of each swimmer. Even 1 stroke technique lesson can be valuable for a swimmer who may need just a little additional help to learn a new skill (like with flip turns or dives) or to perfect their stroke. 

    The coaches and lifeguards that are available for private lessons are listed below

    *Lessons run for 30 minutes and are priced by the instructor 

    *Please contact the coach to discuss availability

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