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About Us

We are a family-centered, competitive team for children of all ages and levels of ability. We are operated by a staff of coaches, a volunteer board, and many other parent volunteers. We enjoy working and playing together and making new friends in the process. We stress the value of every swimmer on the team. This is a team for swimmers of all levels of ability. We want all swimmers to feel a sense of TEAM unity and spirit.

We believe that each swimmer is important to the team and we work hard to assure that each swimmer knows this. We know that by participating on a swim team, a child learns how to set individual and team goals, how to be a responsible team member and how to accept victory and defeat. We hope to teach each swimmer something new about stroke technique, conditioning, and competing during the season. We strive to motivate each swimmer in a positive way, and in the process, increase their confidence and belief in themselves. We work hard in practice, but we try never to ask more of a swimmer than they can give. Swimming is one of the very best forms of exercise and it’s a sport that one can enjoy for life. Our goal is for each swimmer to have a fun, low pressure, positive experience. This is a competitive team and, of course, we strive to win. Yet there is an important place on this team for every swimmer.

Green Meadow Swim Team provides a comprehensive, competitive summer swim program for children of all ages and levels of ability. Quality coaching allows the team to maximize individual potential and to promote swimming in the community at all levels. We teach technical swimming proficiency, proper body conditioning, goal setting, motivation, and sportsmanship. Swimmers do not need to be a member of GMCC to join the swim team or participate in our other activities.

The GMST community, led by coaches and supported by parents, has become an icon of summer fun and team spirit for 50 years. Our foundation is built upon participation in family friendly, healthy, summer activities that support developmental growth while instilling life-time enduring qualities of perseverance, commitment and discipline. The intergenerational fellowship that is part of the the GMST community of coaches, parents and swimmers is the strength behind the Green Wave.

Swim Team (Ages 4-18yrs.)
The swim team offers an array of experiences and opportunities for swimmers. All children ages 4 and up, regardless of skill level, can join the team. Upon joining, if your swimmer needs more instruction or to learn to swim, we will provide swim instruction as well. We are in League 1 of the Greater Knoxville Area Interclub Swim Association and have meets throughout the summer against the other members of our league. Meets are encouraged for all to attend and showcase their progress, but are not required. The swim team offers 9 practices a week to accommodate everyone's schedules. See the other tabs on our website for additional swim team information. 

Private Competitive Swim Lesson and Swim Clinics (Ages 5 years & Up)
Whether it be perfecting your stroke, pursuit of your competitive edge, or desire to enhance your ability to mentally prepare to meet your goals, getting that one on one time with those who have trained hard and endured the highs and lows in their own young swim careers adds a real benefit to team experience. See the GMST bulletin board in the pool clubhouse for information about private competitive lessons or swim clinics being made available this summer. 

Private Swim Lessons (All Ages above 6 months)
Private swim lessons are offered by many of our swimmers, coaches, and past swimmers throughout the summer. Private swim lessons can be scheduled at your convenience and can focus on any number of items that you are interested in. Whether it be teaching your little one water safety skills or how to float, working with teens and young adults to be more comfortable with the water, or helping with proper stoke technique and getting ready for swim team, we can customize private swim lessons for you. See the GMST bulletin board in the pool clubhouse for information on instructors available.

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