GMST updates and Peninsula Club info

    Hi Team! Just a few updates/reminders and info on PClub meet!

    Shirts- If you ordered a t-shirt in our 2nd batch, they will be ready for pickup tomorrow afternoon. They should be at the meet against PClub or at the pool on Wednesday. 

    Pictures- Team pictures are in! If you ordered pictures, they are available at the pool. 

    GM Parking Lot- when you are driving into GM, there is a stop sign after passing the club house. It is at the intersection between the pro shop and the parking lot. Please come to a complete stop. We have had several near-accidents as people cross there and golf carts are also crossing. Golf Carts have the right of way at the club! 

    Peninsula Club Information:

    Pool Address is 2222 Houser Road, Knoxville, TN 37919. Warm-ups will begin at 5:00, so please be at the pool by 4:45. The meet will begin at 5:30pm. 

    There are a few volunteer positions remaining that need to be filled. Please fill these spots as we cannot run the meet without all of them filled. We need runners, a jump judge, a scribe, scorekeeper, and placer. 

    Peninsula has an upper and lower parking lot available for us to park in. While they do keep the parking lot reserved for the visiting team, it does fill up quickly. If there are no spots left in the main parking lot, please park on Neilwoods Road (across the street from the entrance to the club) but please be respectful of the neighbors who live near the pool by parking on ONE side of the street. There will be a police officer there to help direct traffic as well. 

    We may set up chairs to the right as you enter the pool area underneath the pergola. We may also set up chairs along the head of the pool directly as you walk in on the tennis court side and around to the baby pool. Peninsula will be set up under the far side of the pool deck to the left of the concession stand. 

    Peninsula will have a concession stand with Chick-fil-a sandwiches, Dominos Pizza, Tropical Smoothie Café, drinks, candy and other packaged snacks. They accept cash only. 

    See ya'll tomorrow! Go Green Meadow!

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